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Nothing beats the excitement of venturing out into the market with your new product development team, ready to create something new. However, it’s easy to get dragged down when it comes to putting together SLA’s, product documentation, and explaining how you’re not only going to improve your product, but support it too.

That’s where Netfor can lend our expertise, we love the excitement of launching new ideas just as much as you, and we can help you get it to market. With our ITIL foundation and strong support team, we can help you create the paperwork and support, letting you focus on your clients and software.

How We Help Our Partners

Most of us work in an industry that can be boiled down to the nuts and bolts of a definition. It’s in the execution of that service that the house of cards can come tumbling down. Understanding the value of outsourcing to the Netfor Service Desk means you believe you need to hire the best company, with the best team, to deliver the best practices, for the best technical and customer experience. Yes, we use the best word a lot in our world because it’s a driving force for how and what we do. At your core, you understand our mission to deliver the ART and Science of the customer experience and, together, we create a win-win-win for your employees and end users.

7 Signs Why You Might Need a Software Desk

1. You have no SLAs – You’re cruising along with your product and bam, a large prospect comes along and asks to see your SLAs for support. Huh? Service Level Agreements can make or break your product if you’re rolling this out on larger scales. Getting and keeping your SLAs in line helps your users continue to use and love your software.

2. You want to have best practices. – You built your software around best practices and want to do the same for your support options, too. Where do you begin? Standing up a service desk isn’t an overnight adventure and getting those best practices right out of the gate allows you to build a solid foundation for growth.

3. You need to scale faster. – You have tasted success and it’s a fabulous thing and now you need to figure out how to go to that next major milestone. You’ve got all of your ducks lined up except how to support your product. Setting up a service desk with an outsourced company allows you to scale at a moment’s notice. Bring on 20 new users or 20,000 new users as quickly as you want.

4. You want a ticketing system. – Your team wants a platform they can use to see what and where support tickets are in the queue and who is addressing them. Companies like Netfor have a ITIL-based platform that comes with the service, no licensing fees or annual costs to worry about. Manage support, knowledge, escalations, change management and more with one robust tool.

5. You want users to help you improve your software with data. – With a service desk, you’ll hear feedback immediately in narrative form for what your users are trying to do with your product and how they’re trying to do it. Service desks supply narrative data that you’re likely not gathering on a frequent basis today.

6. You want a better experience for your users. – You’re dreaming of your users reaching out for support via chat or email and getting their questions answered within minutes or hours, not days and weeks. If that’s a hint at your experience vision, it’s definitely time to find someone to help you deliver that experience with you.

7. You want to go to market with a support model in place. – You want to focus on what you do well and you want someone else to help you go to market fast with support that matches your needs. A service desk and ITIL framework works alongside your team with that plan to make sure everything’s a go when your first deal closes. Celebrate knowing your support team has your back.

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