Nationwide IT field services with a local feel.

Why deal with the headaches of scheduling and managing vendors and field services in far-flung locations when you can rely on one trusted source?

From retail to commercial and beyond, Netfor Field Services specializes in installing and managing technologies that keep businesses humming – and customers singing your praises. Whatever your technology needs – badge readers, cameras, cabling, networking, menu boards, drive-thru timers, headsets, and more – one of our reliable field service technicians is always nearby.

With our national network of technicians and proven technology, you can say goodbye to the time-consuming tasks that distract you and take back your day.

Why Choose Netfor for Field Service Management?

Vetted and Trained Technicians

Most of our technicians have been in the field for 10+ years. We know them and trust them, and so do our clients.

  • Rigorous Onboarding: For new technicians, we conduct background checks and look for soft skills to ensure they are professional, reliable, and accurate.
  • National Network: Wherever your locations may be, we have a qualified technician nearby.

Technology that Delivers

With the Netfor cloud-native platform, you know in real-time the progress of every engagement at every location.

  • Deliverables Management: On-site, visual verification from the technicians confirming progress and completion so you can rest easy.
  • National Network: Do you have thousands of locations? No sweat. We can service every location individually and provide you with one hassle-free invoice.

Honest Communication

It’s a point of pride for us. We believe that honest communication fosters collaboration and is the foundation of every successful engagement.

  • Transparent Pricing: We price all your service attributes into the bid and don’t nickel and dime for mileage or other upcharges.
  • Scope of Work: Occasionally, we won’t or can’t fulfill the scope of work you’re looking for. We’ll let you know up front if or when that happens and then point you in the right direction.

Types of Field Service Work

Audio Visual (AV)
  • Digital signage
  • Speaker installations
  • TV Mounts and installations
  • Projector installations


  • Outdoor kiosks (such as bill/pay kiosks)
  • Indoor kiosk such as ones in malls where you can get directions to stores
  • Status boards
  • Kiosk tablets or ordering in stores
  • Setting up and connecting to the network
CCTV | Alarm
  • Alarm Systems
  • Security cameras (wifi, cat5/6, or coax connections)
  • Contact door locks


Low-Volt Cabling
  • Cat5, Cat6, coax cabling (warehouse or large/small businesses) and terminations
  • Minor and minimal conduit installation
  • System hardware upgrades (ram, HD, cmos battery replacement)
Desktop | Laptop
  • Setup PCs including setting up network printer, running updates, and connecting to wifi
  • Installation of routers, switches, firewalls, etc
Structured Cabling
  • Entrance Facilities, Equipment Room, Backbone Cabling, Telecommunications Room, Horizontal Cabling, and Work Area.
Fiber Cabling
  • Can provide, from our vendor, preterminated fiber cables and installation
  • Testing
  • installation


Point of Sale
  • Installation and testing
Telecom | VOIP
  • 66 blocks
  • Toning analog lines

Our Process

At Netfor, we believe every successful organization runs on process. That’s why we spend so much time perfecting ours.


We start by collaborating with you to determine your business needs and goals. After a thorough examination, we then chart a strategic roadmap to help you envision the steps and technologies required.

client onboarding


We document every aspect of your business and deliver on it. Utilizing Agile methodology, your Netfor team and the Technical Account Manager (TAM) will establish deadlines and deliverables. We’ll also begin amassing the knowledge needed to manage your project successfully.

team onboarding


We start by collaborating with you to determine your business needs and goals. After a thorough examination, we then chart a strategic roadmap to help you envision the steps and technologies required.

client delight


In addition to real-time access to the status of your projects, you will also be in regular contact with your TAM. Depending on your preference, there will be weekly or monthly meetings to track progress and make corrections if needed. Once the project is up and running, we may scale meetings down to quarterly.

Any Industry, any field.

Any business with multiple locations or facilities will benefit from Netfor field service management solutions. No matter the industry, if you require a skilled technician in the field, Netfor can help.

MS Providers


We need technicians who are experienced and know what they are doing – and that’s what we get with Netfor.



Mercy Housing

“Simon Property Group has over two hundred regional malls located across the country. The challenge was providing technical support at various locations when necessary. We knew Netfor offered a number of high-quality services, based on previous conversations with them. When we reached out to Netfor about our needs, they were quick to ask questions, fully understand our needs, and discuss options and real solutions. We contracted them, as a test, at a couple of locations. The results were amazing. The properties were thrilled with the professional, hands-on support they received. Simon IT was impressed with the immediate positive results. the advanced level of technician that was deployed and the competitive rate. All positives for the properties and Simon IT. This one-time issue has turned into a long-term partnership with Simon Property Group and Netfor, five years and counting.”

Chuck Wright

Simon Property Group

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Whatever business process challenge you’re facing, we’d love to talk and see if we can help. Solving complex problems is what gets us out of bed in the morning!

Field Services FAQs

What is Field Services?

Netfor’s Field Services Department coordinates, controls, and delivers quality IT installations. When you need a skilled technician in the field, we rapidly deploy, expertly resolve issues, and notify you of completion using our advanced Deliverables Management technology.

What Areas Can Netfor Cover?

Our partners and technicians are standing by and ready to serve you in more than 6,000 locations worldwide. Netfor has you covered with tech support across the country, and around the globe.

What is The Quality Confirmation Program?

Our Quality Confirmation Program allows Netfor to build a comprehensive profile on each of our onsite resources. This results in high-quality talent on demand. Our process starts with a background check, confirming the potential resource has a clear history. We then confirm all relevant skills, work history, and certifications. Next, the technician is then assigned to a Netfor Field Services Coordinator (FSC) who performs an interview.

Whether it’s an evaluation of existing infrastructure or mapping out a new site. Netfor’s engineering team has you covered. Every Netfor engineer is a certified professional with years of industry-leading experience. This means you get quality on-site evaluations without excessive fees. Netfor provides simple solutions to all of your complex problems. You name the service, and we’ll provide the technician.