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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services & Solutions

An acronym that says it all, BPO.  Business Process Outsourcing is the very core of our business.  Our services and solutions are driven to create more time in the day for our clients along with creating better KPIs such as First Run Rate, First Call Resolution and (everyone’s favorite), more time given back to you.  

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Our Five BPO Services

Field Services

At Netfor, we simply do not settle for second best. Neither do our clients. That’s why we maintain a 95+% First-Run Rate. How do we do it? By combining a proven process with a cloud-based platform and a national network of skilled field services technicians. From retail to commercial, logistics, and beyond, you and your customers can count on our reliable and accurate service when and where you need it.

BPO services delegated
BPO services delegated

Technical Support Desk

With the ever-escalating costs and technical complexity of outsourcing these days, it simply makes sense to partner with a reliable, available, and transparent BPO service provider. Whether you’re looking for IT, software, hardware, or networking support solutions, Netfor has the experience, trained agents, and track record to ensure you meet your strategic objectives.

Customer Service Call Center

Elevating and maintaining a great customer experience takes a BPO contact center committed to delivering immediate, accurate, and friendly help. Our goal is for your customers to believe they’re speaking with your employees, not an outsourced help desk. To that end, we are 100% onshore with staff in multiple locations nationwide, answering 97% of calls in under 20 seconds. Happy customers fuel a happy business.

BPO services delegated
BPO services delegated

Fulfillment Center

Business and technology move at the speed of now, so keeping your employees and customers satisfied with on-time technology fulfillment is essential. Netfor provides more than a pick, pack, and ship solution. We also repair items, configure software, wipe hardware, and ship to mobile destinations from our ISO 9001:2015-certified warehouse. If that sounds like more than a run-of-the-mill fulfillment services provider, it is. It’s the future.

BPO Staffing

Finding the right person at the right time for the right job is a struggle. We know it because we have been staffing jobs for folks like you for over 2 decades. Netfor leverages its network of 70,000+ ready-to-work experts across North America that have already proven their qualifications to meet the IT staffing needs of your organization.

BPO services delegated

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