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The only adequate response to a complex problem is to use a multifaceted solution.

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One Step Ahead

Customized Managed Services

Netfor is changing the face of Managed Services. From our Call center to Field Services, we have the all the customization that you want, when and how you want it. We offer managed solutions to handle everything from shipping to installation with available long term product support. Our dedicated call center management system is customized for your company or organization with a 24/7/365 support model.

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Getting Unemployment to Those in Need

A Partner You Can Count on

Allow Netfor to help you with this adjustment by outsourcing the rapid change and scale required to meet the new level of demand for Unemployment benefits. By outsourcing your new level of unemployment claim volume to Netfor the benefits you’ll receive extend beyond the current crisis:

  • Unlimited scale and experienced change managers to help you achieve your processing goals with rapidity 
  • Access to a team dedicated to continually improving the customer journey your constituents receive
  • State of the art contact center technology: phones, email and chat channels all grounded in the Cloud with industry leading redundancy
  • Dedicated process and knowledge consultation and writing to improve the rate of first contact resolution
  • Telling and dynamic reporting to help your leadership make the right choices quickly, decisively, and for the right reasons

Agent Training

Because even the most skilled agents need encouragement and support, we focus on growing and managing our team by offering ongoing training opportunities. At Netfor we make formalized training and support a fixture of our on-boarding process by offering agents a dedicated resource for gaining knowledge, cultivating skills, and improving performance.

Better Agents, Happier Customers

Soft Skills

Every Netfor agent is trained to effectively open and close calls. Our proprietary training model has been continually developed over the past 25 years. Our agents avoid the most common telephone etiquette problems and bad habits, use industry leading techniques for transferring callers and putting them on hold, and expertly close the call to leave the customer with a positive impression.

contact solutions

Netfor offers a multi-channel managed contact solution designed around what you need answered, when you need it answered, and how you need it answered. Resolved the first time the way you want via phone, email, or chat.
client's Customer satisfaction
Client Satisfaction
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About Us

For over 25 years Netfor has strived to provide the best solutions for our clients, both locally and nationally. From our humble start as a computer repair shop with three employees to our current global business model, we’ve held deeply to the motto: The Art and Science of the Customer Experience.

Build vs. Buy

In recent decades, organizations have made unparalleled strides toward improving customer experiences. Improvements require incorporating a combination of technology and people skills. As corporations continue to increase training, introduce products, expand services and take other bold steps to care for their customers. Questions often arise that demand answers and need solutions. A help desk or call center is necessary to ensure answers and solutions are provided efficiently, and in a way that best serves the interests of the organization as a whole.


Onboarding Process

The on-boarding process typically lasts 2-3 months, your TAM ensures every aspect of your business is documented and delivered on. Utilizing Agile methodology, the team first established deadlines for key items. This begins with defining knowledge. 


Go Live

Here, the client is able to call in and get a first hand user experience. At this point, they can tweak the greeting our team uses, the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) prompts listed, and the information requested from the caller. If the User Acceptance Testing is successful, then the Netfor team moves to launch the service.


client success

This is all driven by our Technical Account Managers (TAM) , led by Beth Medley – VP of Client Success, who focus on delivering solutions to clients when they need them. Even after clients are on boarded, their TAM still holds weekly or monthly meetings with the client based on their preference. These can scale down to quarterly, where Netfor also presents a business review. 

we work for you. where you need us, when you need us.

Our dedicated call center management system is customized for your company or organization with a 24/7/365 support model.

What People Say About Us

Client Testimonials

” The company’s technical experience and organizational skills make a difference when we request a dispatch, the level of service and exceptional professionalism is always a pleasure. “

-Mercy Housing

You Deserve the Best

25 years of  experience

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How Netfor will help you grow and succeed:

A launching point for your career and life goals.Gain experience in multiple industries, platforms, and software. Help you develop a career path as well as provide mentoring and training. Opportunities to work on special projects with our clients. Provide opportunities internally for advancement. Network you with the vibrant business community in Indianapolis. Expose you to well over a hundred applications, platforms, and systems across a variety of industries including medical, retail, b2b, etc.

At Netfor we use the business methodology of Client Success to ensure that our clients achieve their desired outcomes when using any Netfor service. What are you waiting for? Take the first step today.

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