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Government agencies trust Netfor to solve their challenges.

Over the years, increased pressures on government budgets have left agencies with tough choices regarding services and allocations. A few of the services that often find themselves on the chopping block are Technical Support for internal IT end-users and Customer Service Call Center staff.

At Netfor, we bring decades of experience helping government agencies overcome budget challenges with tailored solutions that provide high-quality constituency and technical support at every level. And we never waver in our strict adherence to security and compliance regulations, so you can worry about the roads, not the calls.


Why Partner with Netfor?

Delivery Model Options

To maximize your budget, we offer multiple delivery model options, including technology support, maintenance, and deployment services. We also offer banded pricing to help your agency control costs without sacrificing secure, quality support – and an outstanding first call resolution rate of 75%.

Transparent Technology

Our Multi-Channel Managed Contact technology gives your citizens and end-users many options to communicate via calls, emails, chats, voicemail, and more. It provides transparency with real-time access to call volume and hold times. Plus, our integration options enable us to simply connect to existing or legacy systems.

Agents Who Care

Our Call Center and Technical Support Desk agents must possess a high level of soft skills. Technical Support Desk agents must also be fluent in technology. We also continually train and audit agents to ensure quality, accurate service. And provide a database of information about your services for prompt resolutions.


Netfor has been a key part of the INBiz program. They helped develop processes to support the INBiz call center and worked diligently with our team to identify and capture knowledge to ensure consistency among agents. Netfor’s attention to customer service is terrific and keeps the service running smoothly, and their flexibility makes them a great partner.


Director of Business and Information Services Indiana Secretary of State

They were able to work with our team to gain an understanding of both the technology and the subject matter knowledge extremely quickly so they could assist us in getting those applications filed.


Chief Unemployment Insurance and Workforce Solutions Officer, Indiana Department of Workforce Development

Tailored Solutions to Elevate

Public Service

Our unique blend of integrated services is engineered to take the tasks that distract off your plate and empower you to focus on what matters.

Netfor Government Capabilities

  • Field Services
  • Technical Support Desk
  • Customer Service Call Center

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Government FAQs

What are your wait times?

Calls and chats are typically answered in less than 60 seconds. The overall average is just over 20 seconds, with nearly all constituent issues resolved on the first interaction.

What is Netfor’s experience in delivering government support services?

Netfor has over a decade of experience designing, implementing, and managing government support services for local and state governments. If your organization or agency helps a constituent with filing their business entity report, reporting a pothole, or just wants to know where to vote, Netfor can help.

What are your security measures to protect personal information?

Netfor has implemented a multi-layered approach of physical, technical, and administrative security safeguards to protect the data we collect and use in providing our services. We regularly assess our security practices and monitor the infrastructure for threats, vulnerabilities, and possible attacks. All staff with access to sensitive information must sign an NDA, complete information security training, adhere to information security policies and procedures, and take ongoing testing and training appropriate to their role.

How transparent are your reporting, data access, and real-time visibility into operations?

We thrive in an environment where two-way, transparent communication flows. Netfor provides robust reporting and dashboards to track all key metrics and more. You will have near real-time access to some reports and metrics, while others will be provided during your Client Success engagement. In this meeting, we review the data, identify trends, discuss issues, look for opportunities for improvement, discuss changes, and more.