An onshore, reliable extension of your team.

We’ll help you get back to doing what you do best.

If your managed service providers team is being overwhelmed by Level 1 calls, causing them to divert attention from critical Level 2 issues and technical solutioning, Netfor is the solution you need. With over 25 years of experience, we have been the preferred Level 1 outsourced provider for managed service providers who are looking to regain control of their daily operations and focus on their core expertise.

Netfor stands as a proven partner, offering cost-effective and reliable Technical Support Desk and Customer Service Call Center services across the nation. Our expertly staffed team is fully equipped to handle high-volume and complex technical calls, providing round-the-clock assistance to both your customers and end-users.

From Field Services to IT Fulfillment and IT Help Desk support, we empower the potential within technology to enable you to do the same with your managed service providers. Let Netfor help you optimize your operations, allowing your team to concentrate on delivering the best possible service to your clients.


Why Partner with Netfor?

Skilled, Qualified Agents

Our two call support services – Customer and Technical – are staffed with highly trained agents who possess the appropriate skills. Together, they provide night-and-day onshore availability and a 97% rate of calls answered in under 20 seconds. And with multiple nationwide locations, disruptions or downtime is minimized.

Transparent Technology

Our Multi‑Channel Managed Contact technology gives your clients and end‑users many options to communicate via calls, emails, chats, voicemail, and more. It provides transparency with real‑time access to call volume and hold times. Plus, our integration options enable us to simply connect to existing or legacy systems.

A Smart System

Our proprietary Knowledge Management System is a searchable database containing articles, how‑to guides, and data about your client’s product, services, and brand. During calls, it places the right knowledge at the right time at every agent’s fingertips for prompt, accurate resolutions.


Netfor’s team has been extremely flexible in serving as a help desk and they’ve been very quick to learn the new subject matter.


Chief Unemployment Insurance and Workforce Solutions Officer

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Managed Service Providers FAQs

What business hours are you available?

We offer around-the-clock support nationwide.

How is the service priced? Per-minute, per-call, or fixed-rate?

We have clients that operate under a fixed-rate/per-request contract and others that operate under a per-minute/per-hour contract. Overall, our prices are determined by the BPO service purchased and the specific processes we are asked to manage. We first like to meet with you and discover what your current processes are. Then, we estimate the time required to complete the request and provide a quote that best suits your needs.

Will you work in our ITSM case management tool, or do you integrate with ours?

Netfor has teams that currently work within our partners’ tooling. We can also connect to another ITSM tool and, through this integration, enable both teams to work where they are most comfortable, which reduces adoption costs and service defect.