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Right Person, Right Time,  Right On.

We know the struggle is real when it comes to finding the right people for the right job.  We take the hassle out of searching, sorting and scheduling to give you the most qualified professional for the job.

In addition to finding new talent, Netfor leverages its network of 70,000+ ready-to-work experts across North America that have already proven their qualifications to meet the IT staffing needs of your organization.

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Hire Someone

Have a problem that requires some new hands on deck?  You can find the right fit for that position using our large pool of eager-to-work and qualified candidates.

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BPO Solutions

Ready to outsource the whole enchilada instead of just staffing a few positions? Take a look at all of our IT Services we offer and let us take the stress of hiring new employees, out of the equation.  Plus we’ll give you a free consult!

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Ready-to-work Experts

Temporary Placement

Also known as Seasonal Placement, this is for companies looking to hire staff during busier times of the year, without having the full-time employee (FTE) commitment.  This short-term employee typically has an end date.  

  • Improved Productivity: Seasonal employees work alongside your FTEs to make sure the busy season you hired them for is well taken care of. 
  • No Strings Attached: Once the contract is over, you know there’s no lingering question about whether or not that employee will have a place in your organization (unless they knocked your socks off).

Temp To hire

An arrangement where clients can hire a temporary worker and have the option to offer them a permanent position after length of the contracted time. 

  • Flexibility: This agreement presents employees the flexibility to experiment with new roles and candidates to determine what the best long-term fit is within the company.
  • Cost-Effective: Hiring permanent employees right away is usually more expensive and involves much more risk.  The average cost of replacing an employee is usually 33% of their salary. How many times can you afford to do that?

Permanent Direct Hire

Netfor finds the best candidates for the position you want to fill.  We then hand that list to you and give you full power to make the final decision.  

  • Wider Pool of Candidates: We treat your company like our own when it comes to finding the best person.  This approach allows you to find the perfect match without having to settle. 
  • Time-Saving: We take up all the leg work in finding the best candidates with your specifications and give you the final product.  It’s kind of like copying your friend’s homework and you won’t get in trouble!

Ready to Solve Your IT Staffing Challenges?

Let’s start a conversation and see how Netfor can help. Please fill out the form, and a member of our team will be in touch soon. Thank you for your interest in Netfor!

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Our Candidate Qualifications

Technical Skills
  • Basic End-user Support
  • Flexible
  • Engaged
  • Collaborative
  • Solutions focused 


  • Proven Punctuality
  • Adiquate Communication
  • Productivity 
  • Respectful
  • Ability to address questions

  • Past Jobs Available
  • Authenticated Resumé
  • Cleared Background

  • Educational Degrees
  • Completed Certifications
  • Licenses

Any industry, any field.

Since we’re in the tech sector like you, we know how versitile business can be when it comes to technology.  Our experts have the know-all about these industries!

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Not convinced yet?

The time to revolutionize your staffing needs are here.  ‘Quality Over Quantity’ is what we’re known for,  take a look for yourself.

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Boost your productivity instantly with Netfor’s Expert IT Staffing Services

With a roster of highly skilled and vetted professionals, Netfor can quickly identify and provide top-notch candidates for even the most technical roles. Whether you’re looking for temporary or permanent staffing, Netfor’s experience and expertise guarantee you’ll get exactly the help you need without the delays and headaches of traditional staffing.

If you’re tired of sifting through stacks of resumes and mediocre candidates, read on to learn how Netfor can transform your staffing solutions.

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Staffing FAQs

How long have you been staffing?

We have been staffing for over a decade, we have only recently decided to add it to our main lines of business.  This gives more companies an opportunity to find their perfect candidate using our services!

What Makes you different than other staffing companies?

In addition to finding new talent, Netfor leverages its network of 70,000+ ready-to-work experts across North America that have already proven their qualifications to meet the IT staffing needs of your organization.

How can I ensure that my IT staffing agency provides quality candidates?

To ensure that your IT staffing agency provides quality candidates, establish clear criteria for the skills and experience you require, communicate your expectations clearly, and work closely with your agency to ensure they understand your needs and preferences.