Next-gen solutions for the next generation.

Attentive, local service on call and at your side.

Now more than ever, higher education, remote learning and new technologies place significant pressure on educators, often requiring around-the-clock technical support.

With Netfor Field Services at your side, you can count on a local technician to be there when you need one. Our experts provide IT services and technical support for tablets, computers, audiovisual equipment, cabling, networking, deployment, and more.

Field Services to IT Fulfillment, and IT Help Desk, we unleash the potential within technology to help you do the same with your students and platforms of eduction.

Why Partner with Netfor?

Field Services

With our national network of reliable technicians, you can count on help to be nearby, wherever your location. Most of our technicians have been in the field for 10+ years, and all must pass our rigorous Quality Confirmation Process to ensure secure, professional service at every site. Plus, with our Deliverables Management system, you’re always up to date with on-site, visual verification of every task’s progress and completion.

IT Help Desk

We staff our onshore technical support desk with trained experts who understand your IT technology and deployment needs. Available around the clock, they answer 97% of calls in less than 20 seconds with a phenomenal first-call resolution rate of 75%. Every call is routed to a single point located in the central U.S. and then redirected to a specific region and team assigned to your account.

IT Fulfillment Center

Our warehouse and fulfillment center provides state-of-the-art pick, pack, and ship services, including returns, repairs, kitting, and more. Armed with a robust Inventory Management System, our facility can track shipments in real-time, monitor progress and shipped quantities, and notify all parties when items are low and need re-ordering. That means no waiting for tablets, computers, printers and more.

Intelligent IT Support For Education

Managed IT support for schools isn’t easy to come by.  Our integrated services work seamlessly to minimize distractions so you can focus on what matters most.

Netfor Education Capabilities

  • Field Services
  • Technical Support Desk
  • Fulfillment Center

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Education FAQs

Do you have any experience with instructional technology?

Yes. We have installed and repaired many of the most popular educational technologies, including interactive whiteboards such as Google Jamboards and Microsoft Surface Hubs. In addition, we have deployed popular 1:1 technology solutions, like Google Chromebooks and Apple iPads. We’re also experts at installing the critical infrastructure that powers these devices, from networking cable to hardware, wireless access points, and more.

Do your providers have experience working in an educational setting?

Yes. Our field technicians have extensive experience working in educational facilities and with teams across the U.S.

Do you ensure that each provider has completed a background check?

Absolutely. All of our providers dispatched to any educational facility or environment must pass a current criminal background check.

Are you able to work on any major technology projects when the school day is over?

We are often dispatched to install and support technology at scale when the school day is over. We partner with the school system leaders to do everything possible to minimize disruption within the learning environment.