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Prospect Solution


Netfor’s Solution

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Training & Auditing

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Amortized IT Service Management Governance & Operations

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Total Service Desk

It Pays to Work with Netfor

Interaction Management

All interactions route through a single platform integrated into workforce management and scheduling, providing a simplified view and understanding of the types, sources, and service levels delivered regardless of the channel.

IT Service Management Tooling Site License

IT service management framework and processes are built into our cloud‑based platform, providing incident, request, knowledge, problem, change, and service level management.

Workforce Management and Optimization

Service desk agent staffing is systematically forecasted and managed based on several inputs, such as historical arrival patterns, seasonal arrival patterns, and upcoming changes or events.

24/7 Business Assurance

A dedicated team of supervisors and managers monitors all business services and systems around-the-clock, providing business assurance and notifications and alerts when warranted.

Employee Engagement Program

We develop and implement employee engagement initiatives that foster highly engaged employees motivated to invest their hearts and minds in the work and yield real business results for our clients.

Dynamic Capacity Planning

Our strategic planning for peak seasons, deployments, and events creates team capacity, making it easier to backfill, cross‑train, and ensure every client’s needs are met without any implementation cost.

IT Service Management Best Practices

At Netfor, we strictly follow ITSM best practices to enhance service delivery and customer satisfaction, minimize costs by optimizing resources, provide IT costs and assets transparency, and ensure exceptional management of business risk and service disruption or failure.

Our Difference is in Our People

We spend countless hours ensuring that our people are trained to represent your business appropriately

Technician Onboarding: After a client’s input concerning deliverables and work, we assign a technician near each location. Whether the technician is new or a regular, they all go through our Quality Confirmation Process to ensure they are skilled, professional, and reliable.

Client Delight: In addition to real-time access to the status of your projects, you will also be in regular contact with your TAM.

Does Your Total Cost Add Up?

After seeing your individual business’ total cost of ownership with Netfor, reach out and let us find a solution for your needs.