IT Fulfillment

Pick it. Pack it. Ship it. You get it.

In today’s complex world of logistics and technology, organizations must rely on a reliable partner who can merge the two seamlessly. For decades, Netfor has provided businesses with a single point of contact for their IT fulfillment service needs.

With the Netfor Fulfillment Center, our facility and team can scale with you as your organization grows. Why waste revenue on more warehouse space and additional staff when you don’t need to?

We’re always up and running – 24/7/365 – so you can focus on running your organization, not if a repaired POS made it to Topeka. Let’s run together.

Why Choose Netfor for Your IT Fulfillment Services?

  • On-Time Shipping: Our exceptionally late pickup time with UPS, as well as our central U.S. location, helps ensure your deliveries arrive at your destination faster and on time.
  • DoD-level Device Wipes: We wipe drives to the highest level of security to ensure all data is erased and unrecoverable before shipping to an electronics recycler for destruction.
  • Inventory Management System: Our robust system allows us to track shipments in real-time, monitor progress and shipped quantities, and notify all parties when items are low and need re-ordering.
  • Rapid Responses: If you need to cancel or change an order, we will respond quickly and confirm your request.
    • Warehousing & Kitting: If you have multiple items included in a single order, no problem. We will warehouse and kit them and notify you when stock is running low. 
    • Configuration and Imaging: With on-site Netfor IT experts, you can rest easy knowing your hardware and software are correctly set up and ready to go when it arrives.
    • Returns & Repairs: We not only deliver items to our client’s customers and employees, but we also take back items that are broken or no longer functional. We ensure items go through the Return Material Authorizations (RMAs) process or a client’s warranty process, and if it is at the end of life, it is disposed of properly.
    • Security & Privacy: Our warehouse and fulfillment center follows ISO 9001:2015 best practices and protects your items via the latest physical, video, and cyber security methods.
    • Accuracy & Quality of Shipment: Every shipment is monitored for accuracy and held to rigorous quality packing.
    • Ship to Moving Targets: If your employees are mobile, like drivers or field technicians, we are experts at delivering devices and inventory to where they are or, just as importantly, where they will be.
    • Knowledgeable Experts: Our team has the latest certifications (A+, Net+, Server+, Microsoft, and more) to guarantee expert service. 

    Our Process

    At Netfor, we believe every successful organization runs on process. That’s why we spend so much time making sure yours and ours align.


    We start by collaborating with you to determine your fulfillment needs and goals. After a thorough examination, we chart a strategic roadmap to assess the technologies, locations, and items required.

    client onboarding


    Every aspect of your business is documented and delivered on. Utilizing Agile methodology, your Netfor team and the Technical Account Manager (TAM) will establish deadlines and deliverables. We’ll also begin amassing the knowledge needed to manage your project successfully.

    team onboarding


    After client input concerning deliverables and logistics, we assign a team with the appropriate certifications to ensure every shipment is accurate, secure, and on time. When you have a question, need an update, or must change an order quickly, you can expect a rapid response from our 24/7/365 team.

    client delight


    In addition to real-time access to your shipments and inventory, you will also be in regular contact with your Account Manager. Depending on your preference, there will be weekly or monthly meetings to ensure you’re satisfied.

    IT fulfillment for MS Providers

    Any business with devices, software, or hardware needed in facilities across America will benefit from our fulfillment services. Our logistics and fulfillment experts will ensure that your valuable assets get from Point A to B.

    MS Providers

    Fulfillment Center Resources

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    Looking for Another Service

    or Solution?

    Whatever business process challenge you’re facing, we’d love to talk and see if we can help. Solving complex problems is what gets us out of bed in the morning!

    Fulfillment Center FAQs

    What does your Fulfillment Center do?

    Our Fulfillment Center has a late-night pickup with UPS for next-day air/shipping overnight services. We have imaging capabilities and work with OEM manufacturers to repair devices using warranty services.

    What qualifications do Fulfillment Center employees have?

    Our employee certifications include A+, Net+, Server+, and some Microsoft certifications.

    What do you specialize in?

    We specialize in inventory management and warehousing equipment for our clients with break/fix needs requiring rapid replacement. We also wipe drives to the highest level of security, ensuring that all data is unrecoverable before shipping to an electronics recycler for destruction. In addition, we provide certificates of destruction to verify compliance and deliver peace of mind.