CEO & Founder of Netfor

Jeff Medley is the CEO and founder of Netfor. Jeff leads Netfor’s executive team, accountable for Netfor’s vision and creating the strategies and tactics needed to guide the company in the right direction. He also oversees the allocation and investment of financial resources. Before starting Netfor out of his home in 1995, Jeff worked as a mechanical engineer on government defense satellites. He has always enjoyed discovering how things work and then figuring out how to improve them. At an early age, Jeff was introduced to entrepreneurs who took the time to mentor him and answer his questions about starting a business. Jeff has a knack for seeing the potential in everything, including his own business and clients. His passion allows him to always strive to make things better.Outside of work, Jeff spends time in the great outdoors whenever possible. He likes to mountain bike and camp or simply stay home and grill a great meal. He is sometimes referred to as “the Jukebox” because once he hears a few bars of a song, he can’t stop singing or whistling it … until he hears the next one.

Jeff Medley

CEO & Founder of Netfor

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A new take on Customer service

For over 25 years Netfor has strived to provide the best solutions for our clients, both locally and nationally. From our humble start as a computer repair shop with three employees to our current global business model, we’ve held deeply to the motto: The Art and Science of the Customer Experience. We are true believers in providing our clients with solutions utilizing current and emerging technologies. What does this mean for you? Custom tailored solutions backed by a team of skilled professionals.

“Perfect partners don't exist. Perfect conditions exist for a limited time in which partnerships express themselves best.”

Wayne Rooney

The only adequate response to a complex problem is to use a multifaceted solution.

Meet Our Executive Team

remember the past

Since 1995

Jeff started the company as Medley and Associates after leaving the Engineering world to pursue a passion in the tech industry and within a year changed the name to CompuRite. Initially, the company was building white box computers for individuals and companies in need. Jeff brought in Jerry Kerns as a contractor in 1999, hired him on full time in 2000 and eventually made him a partner and Senior Vice President. In addition, the name was changed to Netfor reflecting the company’s focus on Network and Internet services for all.  Problem solvers at heart, these two recognized the need for technical assistance and troubleshooting services for computers and equipment; eventually leading the company into help desk services and most recently, a customer call center. Together, they have grown the company from a five-person operation, to well over a hundred employees. 

a Career that poeple love
"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

communication is key

Client Success

Developing Partnerships

At Netfor we use the business methodology of Client Success to ensure that our clients achieve their desired outcomes when using any Netfor service. Our Client Success Team is based on relationship focused client management. That aligns client and vendor goals for mutually beneficial outcomes. To us Client Success Management is the successor of account management, it’s evolutionarily superior. It allows us to pinpoint  both problems and opportunities by collecting and leveraging as many data points as possible.

Client Success informs strategy; it helps businesses better understand the customer experience and lifecycle so they can improve it. On top of all that, our Client Success team members truly focus on our clients and how that they can succeed, as opposed to only focusing on how the company can succeed.

get to know each other

This starts during the on-boarding process, which Netfor believes defines the overall tone for success. When working with Netfor, you’re assigned a technicial account manager (TAM).

Determine your needs

The onboarding process provides a better understanding of what a Client needs. This leads to the TAM becoming the primary and constant point of contact, along with building rapport.

determining your goals

Utilizing Agile methodology, the team first establishes deadlines for key items Netfor needs for success. This begins with defining knowledge. All processes at Netfor are fueled by knowledge, and the TAM works with the client to guide them through establishing and building the base of how we will resolve their issues. This on-boarding, combined with adept communication, and reports showcasing your service levels, highlight the numerous ways Netfor can empower your business through Client Success.
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Client Satisfaction
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Client Success With Beth Medley

To become a trusted advisor of each client and build a true partnership with each client.  Nothing matters more than having a client’s trust.

  • To be a conduit for our clients into service delivery and vice versa
  • To manage onboarding and quality of the customer service and technical needs of all Netfor clients ensuring our customer service policies and knowledge are up to date, trained and optimized.

We ensure the clients are truly taken care of, ensuring client retention rates remain high.  CS works alongside Service Delivery, to ensure Netfor can meet and exceed a client’s expectations.accounts, requesting services and filing reports.

We are lucky, we get to work so closely with our clients and build lasting relationships that lead into lasting partnerships. We also get to work closely with the internal Netfor teams, gaining an understanding of both roles puts us in a unique position to problem solve and work with each team to craft solutions

Yes, it is 95% or very close – Since 2011, we’ve lost 1 client due to an acquisition, 1 client filed bankruptcy, and 2 clients that left for other reasons. So, 2 clients where I felt we could have done something better, something different, but we also learned from these losses. 

Onboarding and implementation help set the tone for the rest of the client journey with Netfor.  If expectations are understood and clearly set, deliverables are met, and communication is high, the likelihood of a successful onboarding and implementation are much greater. 

We had a particularly sticky situation with a client, expectations were definitely not aligned.  We worked together, as a team, with a focus on calibrating with the client.  We spent many hours working for and with the client, had multiple meetings, and improved some of our processes.  At the end of the time spent on this improvement, not only had the client gained renewed confidence in Netfor, we had gained new insight into client expectations and improved processes along the way.  2 years later and this client is still highly satisfied.

Join Our Team

How Netfor will help you grow and succeed:

A launching point for your career and life goals.Gain experience in multiple industries, platforms, and software. Help you develop a career path as well as provide mentoring and training. Opportunities to work on special projects with our clients. Provide opportunities internally for advancement. Network you with the vibrant business community in Indianapolis. Expose you to well over a hundred applications, platforms, and systems across a variety of industries including medical, retail, b2b, etc.

At Netfor we use the business methodology of Client Success to ensure that our clients achieve their desired outcomes when using any Netfor service. What are you waiting for? Take the first step today.

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