Boost Your Productivity Instantly with Netfor’s Expert IT Staffing Services

by | Apr 17, 2023 | News, Staffing

These days, when you think about IT staffing services, it’s no surprise if you don’t have much in the way of expectations. Companies reach out to staffing services when they have immediate needs for qualified people. Whether they’re trying to find help for a temporary project or just don’t have time to go through the hiring process, they reach out to IT staffing services hoping for a quick resolution.

And, all too often, they end up disappointed. Few staffing services have access to a ready supply of qualified people — especially in key IT or technical roles — so they recruit aggressively and send as many candidates as possible, hoping some will work out. It takes time to find people, time to place them with the company, and time to see whether they’re truly capable of addressing the need. The more names they send, the more likey you’ll get lucky. At least that’s the plan.

Netfor’s IT Staffing Methodology

Netfor has long taken a different approach to IT technician staffing. Knowing the companies we work with prefer quality over quantity, our IT staffing services tap into our tens of thousands of technicians with proven skills and the right attitudes. When companies have a need, we quickly identify the best people to fulfill it. We have complete confidence in anyone we recommend because we’ve vetted them carefully and know they’ve performed outstanding work for our clients.

Whether a company’s need is for a field services technician or an experienced help desk staffer, Netfor can offer someone who has delivered proven performance in less time than it takes a traditional staffing company to generate a list of potential candidates. That individual’s experience and direct familiarity with the task at hand means faster onboarding, too. 

IT Project Hypothesis

Suppose your company is preparing to deploy a software major update to devices you’ve already installed at customer locations. The update involves accessing an internal control card and swapping out a hard drive, so it must be performed in the field. With no complications, each installation and testing takes no more than 30 minutes, but with customers throughout North America, you anticipate it will take about 120 days to perform all the updates. 

Netfor’s IT staffing team can identify individuals with the exact skills and schedule flexibility needed to accomplish the process on time. Best of all, this technician is already familiar with your devices, as they have been dispatched to your location before, and your team has rated their performance highly. That means you have help you can trust for the entire project without the hassles of direct hire.

Or suppose you’re about to roll out a significant software patch, and your past experience tells you help desk calls will likely soar in the month after you deploy. Netfor assigns two help desk technicians to augment your internal help desk during the peak. Both technicians not only understand your company’s business and the technical complexities but are true customer service professionals who put your company’s customers at ease. 

The Effective and Efficient Solution

What’s more, Netfor’s full-service IT staffing model can provide top-quality staffing not only for temporary assignments but also for permanent placements and contract-to-hire situations. Whether you’re after one skilled individual or an entire team, part-time or full-time, Netfor’s extensive experience in these highly specialized, highly technical roles ensures you get the right people in far less time.

And because we’ve worked with these individuals before, we’re able to guarantee they’ll meet your company’s expectations. We have performance evaluations and knowledge for every field service dispatch or help desk request they’ve handled, so we can place them with complete confidence.

Companies like yours don’t have time to wait while traditional staffing companies try to understand your needs, find the keywords that will generate big numbers of candidates, and send you a huge stack of resumes in the hopes you’ll uncover a gem. With Netfor’s IT staffing services, you get exactly the people you need and you get them without hiring and with minimal onboarding, so what you need gets done without delay. And when you’re ready to hire, Netfor’s conversion process has you covered. Isn’t that exactly what you want?

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