Testimonial – Indiana Department of Revenue

by | May 22, 2023 | Customer Experience, News

Welcome to our testimonial page, where we proudly showcase the success stories and positive feedback we have received from our clients. Today, we are thrilled to share with you an exceptional testimonial we received from the Indiana Department of Revenue, highlighting the outstanding results achieved through our staffing services.

“Benjamin LeBron originally came to the Indiana Department of Revenue Customer Service Department as a team lead for our Netfor CS augmentation project. During that time, he wore multiple hats, as trainer, performance coach, and primarily as team lead for the 20 reps who assisted on the phones.  Ben has been working with us for just over one year. 

In September of 2022, and after months of recruitment, the department expressed need for a contractor Work Force Management (WFM) analyst, while we continued to recruit for a full-time.  Netfor inquired regarding the contractor posting for this opportunity.   Ben was recommended as a candidate.  We chose to work with Ben because of his demonstrated ability to think strategically and wholistically regarding not just the task at hand, but also the big picture. Ben worked with our workforce management real time analyst to identify, organize, and analyze our historical call volume data.  This data was then used to build the call volume and staffing forecasts.  This was no small feat, especially with the challenges of the instabilities of the COVID-19 crisis, and its impacts on volumes and staffing.  2020 as we know, was fraught with anomalies.   This absence of staffing, as well as this presence of inflated call volumes made it extremely difficult to predict true forecasting. Yet Ben painstakingly reviewed and plowed through five years’ worth of historical data to build the most accurate forecast possible. 

During this role as Workforce Analyst, he also began to creatively offer other insights and perspectives into process improvement opportunities.  These insights included working with team leads, supervisors, and managers to understand their performance management needs.  He then studied existing productivity and performance tools.  From this additional awareness, he began to build other tools that would help our Customer Service leadership manage the performance of their teams, and that of their respective representatives.   One impactful tool that he created was a new attendance tracker.  This tool provided critical data that allowed leaders grasp attendance over respective periods of time.  This information allowed us to improve service level forecasting.

More recently Ben has begun a deep dive into our ITS system to extract data to begin forecasting other non-phone customer service activities such as district office visits, correspondence and INTIME messages.

Ben is innovative and forward-thinking.  He is always curious about not just a task or assignment, but also curious regarding how he can empower the team to deliver the desired performance results.”

Monique Young-Wash – Executive Director DOR Service Operations

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