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  • Christina sitting at the front desk at Netfor
    Jul 12

    Front Office Representative (FOR): Leveraging Netfor’s Internal Resources

    Imagine you’re a business that needs someone to sit at the front desk to welcome guests and to keep the area tidy and stocked. There are more tasks to be done than one person can handle, but hiring two people is financially inefficient and wasteful. Now what? Netfor Office Manager and HR Assistant Nichole Flett… Read More »

  • Jacob customer service
    Sep 11

    Customer Service Problems? Here’s the Solution.

    Has your company ever been overwhelmed with calls like this? Government agency? … How can I reset the password for my online account? Transportation services? … What’s the shortest route to my location? How long will it take? Retail store? … What is your return process? What are your hours? Any organization: Can I talk… Read More »

  • Netfor Narratives
    Jan 31

    Netfor Narratives – January

    Welcome to our first Round Up on our blog. We’ll be sharing tips and news from across our desk at Netfor to you, our blog readers. Our team will help share technology trends, ideas that are on our mind, ways to improve your client experience and maybe even a meme or two down the road…. Read More »

  • Nov 1

    11 Tips for a Better IVR

    Your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system can often be your customer’s first direct interaction with your company or service, and we all know that first impression set the basis of any relationship. When your customers call you, you want them to not only be satisfied with the result of their call, but also happy during… Read More »

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