Employee Spotlight: Ethan Calkins – Business Assurance Manager

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netfor's employee spotlight

Meet Ethan Calkins.  Mr. Calkins has been a proud Netlander for over 3 years and was recently promoted to our Business Assurance Manager.  In this role, Ethan manages the supervisor team. He also contributes to some IT Support work in his spare time to help with the workload for the agents.

What do you enjoy about working at Netfor?

The one thing that I really fell in love with while working at Netfor is the diverse culture that we have. We have everyone from firearm enthusiasts, die hard gamers, to carpenters, to people who can talk about hot sauce for a week straight. This really makes working at Netfor quite amazing because you know at least someone has similar interests as you.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

Trap shooting

What Ethan’s manager has to say about him

Ethan is a passionate and fearless problem solver who has proven dedicated to his team and mission. Ethan is creative and reliable in the face of adversity. He leads his team with confidence while promoting teamwork and a shared sense of purpose. Ethan communicates and raises his hand when he needs to – and, in his understated way – does what it takes to get the job done.” – Jerry Kerns, Senior VP

Fun Facts about Ethan

One of my all-time favorite TV shows is Bob’s Burgers.  When I met my wife online the first thing we ever talked about was that show. Before our wedding night we were both a nervous wreck, hoping that everything would go smoothly. We turned on the TV to fall asleep to it as we normally do, and Bob’s Burgers was on and it just so happened to be the only wedding episode to ever air, it was at the point we knew that it would be an amazing day.


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