Netfor Field Services: Making A Difference

Statistics speak for themselves. In 2011 the Aberdeen group did a study that concluded the average high performing field services company maintained an 88% First Run Rate (FRR). At Netfor, we believed 88% was too low. How could you confidently send work to a vendor knowing there is a 12% chance of a site re-visited? The Netfor Field Services Team believes our partners need a single voice they can trust, and a high success rate to back it up.

We boiled down the key factors to running a job successfully and determined that a successful trip comes down to these 3 things.

Netfor Key Factors

  1. Technician Talent – Clients need the right technician with the correct skills onsite. This requires a firm understanding of the technology onsite, and the correct tools and talent the resource deployed needs to manage the job. 
  2. Soft Skills – So, we’ve got the right technical skills. However, jobs often can fail due to a rude technician who doesn’t cooperate with support or the site. Netfor places a high emphasis on the soft skills and communication abilities of our talent. 
  3. Deliverable Management – Finally, deliverables. While you can’t be onsite, Netfor can show you what’s happening during the process. We focused on the types and quality of images the technicians were taking, while also ensuring these got to the client as quickly as possible. 

After we focused on these core items, we began to further develop our vetting process for talent. Because Netfor is a global coverage company, we are always looking for new technicians to supplement our growing workforce. Each on-site technician we deploy represents Netfor. This means they are responsible for propagating our values as a company through quality work and a professional demeanor.

We need technicians who are experienced and know what they are doing – and that’s what we get with Netfor. ” 
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That’s why every technician that applies to work with us is vetted extensively through our Quality Confirmation Program or QCP for shor

Quality Confirmation Program

This program allows Netfor to build a comprehensive profile on each of our onsite resources, which results in high quality talent on demand.  The process starts with a background check, confirming the potential resource has a clear history. We then confirm all relevant skills, work history, and certifications. Next, the technician is then assigned to a Netfor Field Services Coordinator (FSC) who performs an interview.

Technician Interview

When interviewing the technician, our FSCs are checking for clarity in communicating ideas, ability to articulate their technical background, and verifies their previous work history and references. Upon completion, Netfor moves to the testing phase. This consists of deploying the technician on internal jobs to confirm their attention to detail and precision when working. It ensures the resource will represent Netfor to the best of their ability.

Assuming the technician successfully completes this, then Netfor adds the resource to a skill specific talent pool based on their strongest industry skill set in their region. This allows Nefor to rapidly and seamlessly deploy technicians to all client requested areas.

In doing this, Netfor was able to boost our First Run Rate to 95%.

Jason Belt, VP of Business and Service Development. Working with a client to install a Kiosk at a pilot site.

What does this mean for you?It means that

Netfor is more likely to resolve the issue on the first trip than competitors. 

This translates to fewer re-visits, less downtime, and savings in your department. But don’t take our word for it, here’s an excerpt from one of Netfor’s clients. 

The company’s technical experience and organizational skills make a difference when we request a dispatch, the level of service and exceptional professionalism is always a pleasure. 

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