Kiosks: Useful Tips For A Successful Deployment

self-service information kiosk is a great way to effectively inform and engage guests on-premises for hospitality, retail, real estate and more types of organizations. If effectively deployed, a digital concierge kiosk will enable guests to find out answers to their questions and discover new information on their own. This can improve guest satisfaction and build longer-term relationships through better customer service and even cut down on operational expenses

What is a Kiosk?

Wikipedia defines a kiosk as an electronic kiosk (or computer kiosk or interactive kiosk) houses a computer terminal that often employs custom kiosk software designed to function while preventing users from accessing system functions. With that in mind, here are some key factors to consider for deploying a digital concierge kiosk:

Location Strategy

There are a number of variables that you should consider on where to place and what type of kiosk will work best. The most important outcome is that you want people to engage.

Information on the Go

kiosk system should be designed with the user in mind. After someone interacts with the kiosk, they should have the option to view the information later on a mobile device or the web. For example, if someone discovers a local restaurant they want to check out, they should be able to send it their phone so they can call up for a reservation or find the directions.

Time to Deployment

Building upon the advantage of SaaS, with the right software tool, identified, setting up and launching a kiosk could take hours and not a year. A key factor enabling this is cloud applications which enable devices to always be connected to the internet and information updates being possible from any device.

Deployment Costs

The prices of interactive displays have been going down in recent years and the hardware has become more widely available. Getting software that will work for your organization doesn’t have to be a custom developed project. Since software-as-a-service has become the new normal, you can utilize services such as Hootboard to get a kiosk for your organization at a fraction of a cost it typically costs.

Relative Content

The purpose of a digital concierge kiosk is to anticipate common questions and information that guests are seeking or would be valuable to them if they only knew about it. Having frequently asked questions or where to find something in your building are things that come up too often because there is not a good place to find it. On the other hand, a guest might be more inclined to take advantage of that promotion or attend an event next month if they only knew about it. Make sure you think through what type of content will be beneficial for your end-user early on.

Netfor’s Role

By talking with a proven provider like Netfor early in the project lifecycle and thinking through all the steps needed to get a product into the marketplace and support it effectively, companies can head off all the problems that can easily derail a brilliant product and help approach the next stage of business more strategically. A partner that’s able to handle the nuances of making a product easy to deploy and has extensive experience with supporting hardware and devices can provide significant advantages in today’s unforgiving marketplace — and make the company stand out in the eyes of the industry.

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