Empowering Growth: Netfor’s Winning Formula for BPO and Channel Partnerships

by | Aug 14, 2023 | News

Our Channel Partnerships are key to Netfor’s success and growth in business process outsourcing (BPO) and rests on a straightforward concept: our team treats your customers the way we would want to be treated. Whether that’s handling a call to resolve a problem, putting a critical piece of equipment in their customer’s hands as quickly as possible, or meeting remote customers’ needs as though they were nearby neighbors, we’ve earned a reputation — backed with solid data — for making companies look even better to their customers.

We bring that same attitude to the intermediaries, integrators, and consultants who serve as channel partners for Netfor. Our channel partnership members know firsthand what our team can accomplish, so when they’re helping one of their clients solve a problem, they don’t hesitate to refer us. And in return for those referrals, we share our success through a generous commission program.

Channel Partnerships Empowering Growth
Channel Partnerships

Delegating those non-core business functions

Take the channel partner who’s working with a company that’s growing so quickly it’s having trouble keeping up (Growth Blog Here). A common concern in that situation is contending with a rapidly increasing number of calls from customers or end-users regarding issues with their product or service. Without a true customer service infrastructure, most of those calls are taken by staff members with more important things to do with their time.

Enter: Channel Partner

The channel partner knows Netfor’s extraordinary success at establishing and maintaining outsourced customer service via phone, email, chat, and text. So the partner connects the company’s leadership with the Netfor team and gets rewarded in two ways. First, the partner earns a commission from Netfor that grows along with the company’s business volume. And second, the company’s perception of and trust in the channel partner’s knowledge and value increases. 

Another example? A startup with a new piece of technology is attracting strong demand for its products. However, those products must be installed onsite by a skilled technician, and it’s tough (and expensive) to send team members to customer locations, especially when they’re distant or out of the way.

Again, the channel partner understands how Netfor’s field service program works. With qualified (and thoroughly vetted) technicians throughout North America, Netfor can assign someone nearly anywhere and ensure they have all the information and tools needed to get the installation right. Plus, Netfor’s communications system gives the customer company real-time information about the process. Once again, the channel partner’s reputation and revenue receive long-term boosts.

What separates our Channel Partnership Program?

Even better, Netfor has extensive experience working with channel partners, so we make working with them as simple as possible. To start the process, you can complete this form, send our team an email at partners@netfor.com, or give us a call at (800) 638-3674. We’ll answer your questions, get to know your business, and provide the information you need to add to the services you deliver or recommend.

Onboarding new channel partners (and referred clients) takes less than 90 days, whether it’s a growing business or a giant enterprise. There are no quotas or complex incentives. You’ll receive a generous commission payout faster than you’d expect. It’s no wonder Netfor has enjoyed a 98 percent contract renewal rate … and contracts averaging better than seven years.

“Working with Netfor as a channel partner, I never experience any delays or complications with their service or receiving commissions, The efficiency and reliability of their team makes keeping their services top of mind easy.”

Jon Kizer, CEO of Direct Path

Adding Netfor’s outsourced expertise for customer service, fulfillment, field services, and staffing gives you another tool in your toolbox to help your clients address some of their thorniest business challenges while getting a healthy revenue boost. Why not add us to your roster of resources today?

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