Meeting Netfor’s Business Intelligence Analyst David Cady

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This Q&A with David Cady shares how he goes through each day making important decisions on how to improve the company’s overall direction and reporting methods.

David became an official Netlander in September of 2020.  Unfortunately, he has not yet worked in the office setting we all know and love (pre-COVID); full of Nerf battles, conversations with co-workers, and never-ending coffee.   We wanted to get to know David and his new role a little bit more so we are happy to share with you his Q&A and work + life.  

What exactly is your job?

As the Business Intelligence analyst, my job is to make sure our data is clean and organized and perform analysis on that data for both historical reporting and future planning purposes. To do this, I use our data to answer business questions like “How are we performing?”, “How much does it cost to manage this solution?”, “How can we improve both our business performance and customer satisfaction?”, and more. In today’s modern corporate environment, data is king, and my job is to turn that data into actionable intelligence.

What have I learned so far at Netfor?

Business Intelligence is an exciting field, with a healthy mix of cutting edge and mature technologies. At Netfor, I’ve learned to apply both in new ways that I’ve not been able to do previously in my career. I’ve also been able to expand my coding and data analysis skills in a lot of exciting new ways.

How do you think your role helps Netfor retain and improve communication with our clients? 

Having a dedicated data analyst will allow us to present data and metrics to our customers in a timely, efficient fashion, that delivers the information they need when they need it. By centralizing and standardizing reporting and analysis, we can ensure we deliver only the highest quality and most pertinent data.

How do I plan on overcoming new challenges at Netfor?

Most of the challenges with my position are linked to data, and my ability to access it in ways that can be used for analysis. To address this, we have planned some exciting new projects in the future. One of my strongest beliefs is that strong Data Governance is the key to success for any Business Intelligence department. With that in mind, we plan on making several process changes and technology enhancements that will bring the enterprise as a whole together on Data Governance policies and procedures.

What are my hobbies outside of work? 

I’m a techno-geek, so pretty much any fancy electronic toys like drones. I also enjoy video games when I get the time. I’m a huge fan of combat sports such as boxing and MMA. I’ve also been playing D&D with the same group of friends for more than 30 years.


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