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  • Aug 8

    Netfor Testimonial: Dennis Cuffel says, “We trust them.”

    “I consider it a strategic advantage for Goodwill to have an outsourcing partner like Netfor that is both qualified and competent to offer us professional help desk support.” Dennis Cuffel is the Senior Director of Information Technology of Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana, a nonprofit organization serving 39 counties in central and southern Indiana,… Read More »

  • Bluelock
    Jul 18

    Netfor Testimonial: Jeff Ton says, “They know their stuff.”

    “The Netfor seed was planted in my mind by a mutual friend at least a year or more before we actually started a relationship with them. But once we knew we needed an IT service desk, Netfor was the first call we made.” Jeff Ton is the Executive Vice President of Product and Service Development… Read More »

  • Oct 7

    Netlanders are Proud to Help the State that Works

    Giving Indiana Entrepreneurs a single source of support is what you would expect from the State that Works. The team behind the INBiz website knew they wanted to make working with the State of Indiana as simple as possible. Four years ago, with the Secretary of State’s team leading the way, the vision and experience… Read More »

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