Tech support burnout from repetitive Tier one problems?

The average worker spends nearly 100 hours a year trying to get his or her computer to work properly. That
time adds up — to more than two work weeks of time.

Those employees are asking your tech support about everything from blue screens on computers, logins and
malfunctioning keyboards to how a pivot table is created in Excel. And it takes your technicians away from the
more important technology needs of your business.

Who can you turn to?

“Frustrated your technicians are bogged down with minor issues instead of working on bigger projects?”

Turn to Netfor.

When your technicians are being pulled in every direction for lower-level issues, they can’t focus on the
projects that require their time, effort — and expertise.

They need to be developing and deploying applications to the business or managing networks and servers, not
re-issuing passwords and fixing frozen screens.

That’s where Netfor comes in. We can handle the failing desktop computer, the corrupt Word file, the locked-
out portal and then some. Don’t wait until you’re overwhelmed before you let us help your help desk.

All technical requests, regardless of the channel, are routed to one place, and there’s always a live person
available at Netfor addressing every ticket.

“Never hearing the end of complaints from techs being called on at nights and weekends?”

Netfor provides

  • A dedicated help desk system customized for your company or organization
  • 24/7/365 support model — providing help desk support day, night and on weekends
  • Call management reliability and consistency with a knowledge base (KB) specific to you and your team
  • Best practices for different call types documented within a shareable database
  • Positive customer service experiences for the end user each and every time

Concerned about the backlash from overworking your team?

Netfor offers a technical help desk built on best practices with a dedicated call management system offering
24/7/365 support.

Calls are answered in less than 20 seconds, and almost all customer issues are resolved on the first

We deliver world-class help desk service with top-notch technology.

We’re there when you need us. Call us today.

It's time to improve your customer's experience.

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