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Supporting and Servicing Things

Indiana is a world leader in growing things, making things and moving things. Add technology and entrepreneurship, and that’s world leadership in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Nearly a year ago, Netfor published a series of articles exploring IoT and the many exciting opportunities it presents to us and the world at large. Depending on who you ask, while the term “internet of things” was coined in 1999, the actual concept didn’t start to gain any real traction until around 2010, when the number of devices connected to the internet finally outnumbered the world’s human population.

Now, IoT is pretty much ubiquitous. Articles about how IoT is changing our daily lives, transforming businesses and ramping up the opportunities in higher education are appearing online and on our social media feeds every day and every hour.

That certainly is the case in Indiana — where the Indiana IoT Lab based in Fishers, Ind., just released its first “State of IoT” report. The Indiana IoT Lab opened in March 2018, and the facility is already nearing capacity. It’s a testament to the excitement of the environment and how the technology is making an impact on businesses and consumers alike.

As IoT continues to expand and become increasingly essential in our private and professional lives, Netfor has the unique opportunity to be able to service all those “things.”

One-Stop IoT Support Shop

We offer a one-stop shop for IoT device support, and that support will become more necessary as connected “things” venture further away from traditional technologies and more toward products and packages like Internet-powered toothbrushes, crock-pots and home security systems.

With IoT, tech support is no longer about any one manufacturer, retailer or internet service provider. It’s about continuous, uninterrupted service of the connected environment.

As households transform into fully-networked facilities, they demand a single point of contact for tech support.

Netfor can — and will — deliver this service.

Today, customer service is primarily focused on the device or system purchased rather than the things to which it can connect. For example, tablet companies can assist with updating features on your mobile device, but they probably can’t help connecting that device to the smart thermostats in your home.

Customer service and support haven’t kept up with decades of impressive innovation, and, therefore, a critical gap lies between manufacturers or retailers and the customers they are serving.

Who can assist the customer when things aren’t operating together as expected? We can.

The Netfor Solution

Supporting IoT is no easy feat. There are tens of thousands of different ways these devices and services might connect and interact with one another in a single home or small business on any given day or week.

So how does Netfor have the solution? What can we do? A lot.

For starters, we’ve built a shared service management portal to easily integrate with IoT manufacturers. And when we work with clients, we develop a knowledge base specific to that client, with that client’s specific needs, demands and instructions on how that client works and solves problems. We’ve amassed more than 100,000 knowledge articles — we know it all without being know-it-alls.

All that knowledge will come in handy when you’re dealing with somewhere in the neighborhood of seven to 10 billion IoT devices. Plus, we can customize any type of support service needed for any IoT manufacturer or customer — creating a world-class customer experience to keep our customers connected … and happy.

Just as the Indiana IoT Lab in Fishers has garnered national attention for being on the leading edge of IoT innovation and turning Fishers into an emerging tech hub, Netfor is eager to position itself as a leader and trusted partner in IoT service and support.

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