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Giving Indiana Entrepreneurs a single source of support is what you would expect from the State that Works.

The team behind the INBiz website knew they wanted to make working with the State of Indiana as simple as possible. Four years ago, with the Secretary of State’s team leading the way, the vision and experience that exists today was set in motion. With Netfor assistance, standard operating procedures, workforce management, technology tools and other best practices were put into place for creating an all-in-one call center support system for Indiana’s entrepreneurs.

When the Secretary of State, Department of Revenue and Department of Workforce Development began the road to designing, budgeting and planning their vision, they recognized a need to examine and improve their own call center operations while potentially standing up a new support system for the INBiz website. Netfor was invited to help the coalition walk through these areas of growth and support to help identify guiding principles, critical success factors, risks, and budgetary challenges, to ensure all parties involved were in alignment with where their expectations were headed.

In the early stages of the project, Netfor set out to assess the organization structure, current processes and existing technology to see where any gaps may be to align the coalition’s vision to their state of operations. With the findings known, stakeholders were quickly able to review the recommendations and prioritize execution.

Today, thousands of Hoosiers utilize this resource each month with Netfor’s guidance and call center wisdom. What would you like to start with the State that Works? Whatever idea you’re ready to launch, INBiz and Netfor are here to support you on your way to success.

Netfor’s Offering for INBiz:

Consulting and Call Center Assessments
Customized Service Desk
Standard Operating Procedure Manual
Governance and Technology Guidance

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