Jason Belt Joins Netfor as Vice President

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Netfor welcomes Jason Belt as vice president of business and service development.

Belt’s duties focus on expanding Netfor’s brand messaging while opening new sales channels and developing new partner relationships in the market. He works with the executive team in service development, as well as internal initiatives to improve Netfor’s current service offerings.

Q&A with Jason

Q: What training/education do you bring to this new role?
A: A bachelor’s degree in business management from Indiana Wesleyan University and a master’s degree in public management from the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Q: When did you first start working at Netfor, and what was your title at that time?
A: When I first started, I was a service improvement and project manager for the service delivery group. I was hired to assist with the people aspect of the business, improving communication and follow through, while supporting the service desk manager. Over my two years with Netfor the first time, I ended my tenure as vice president of service delivery.

Q: What have you learned while working at Netfor?
A: Everything is about people, process and technology. Netfor really made this apparent in my first stint here. Coming from the public sector working in grant-based programs and policy, I knew the importance of people and process, but coming to Netfor truly brought to the surface the need for a solid technology foundation to bring the best out of both the people and process. It is a harmony of those three; Netfor truly understands this and focuses on how to maximize the quality and efficiency of its people by continuously improving on the process and technology application each day. Knowledge and the continuous application of capturing new knowledge as business needs change for the client is critical in this high-demand industry. Also, everything is about the customer. All of the effort to continuously improve how we as people leverage the processes with the technology is all for the customer to entrust us with their business. We constantly strive to capture what is most important in the eyes of the customer so we can further improve and then begin the improvement cycle again to be the best we can for them, the customer. Netfor really is an expert in business process, managed services and providing world-class customer service at scale as an extension of the client’s business.

Q: What brought you back to Netfor after a short time away?
A: I came back because Netfor is a company doing the hard work to be great. Each member of leadership is truly obsessed with tackling each issue head on, building either a process, the technology or the people to make the situation better for the customer. The company is primed for growth, the culture is vibrant, based on openness, productive conflict, and continual service improvement. Plus, I consider Netfor’s founder, Jeff Medley, a mentor to me in this field, and I’m excited to work with him again. I walk into work each day, ready to tackle the hard stuff, on behalf of customers, with the best team in the business as I work in service development.

Q: What impact do you want to have while at Netfor?
A: Work with my colleagues on the executive team to:

  • Expand the marketing and brand messaging of Netfor.
  • Open new sales channels and relationships in the market.
  • Scale the company rapidly while not losing the culture Netfor has worked so hard to build.
  • Develop new services and internal initiatives to improve current service offerings. -Service Development
  • Provide leadership and strategy support to the teams here as we move the needle.
  • Work on the toughest problems and coolest opportunities with like-minded people willing to dig in and make things better every day.
  • Laughing and high five-ing with Netlanders and customers as we keep each other moving in the right direction

Q: What are some of your hobbies?
A: I love:

  • Fitness, baseball, football, hiking and combat sports.
  • Reading and learning everything I can about what I’m doing at work or my personal life.
  • Writing notes – seems like an obsession.
  • Video games.
  • Coffee and conversations with smart people.
  • Adventuring and challenging myself to do new things.

Q: Anything else you want to add?
A: I love being a husband to my brilliant and successful wife; a father palling around with my teen sons as a small part of their personal adventures; and co-storytelling about new adventures with my toddler daughter as she just has a limitless imagination.

Service Development

Welcome, Jason!


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