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We have partnered with NetWatcher to help our partners deliver security managed services to the business market. While we continue to live in the tier one support space, we can be your eyes and ears around the clock and support you with this platform. With NetWatcher, our partners and their clients can reduce risk and achieve regulatory compliance while you drive profitability and customer retention.

A few highlight of the platform:

  • Continuous monitoring of network traffic identifying both malware and security hygiene issues
  • Automated application of correlation rules
  • Expert, detailed analysis of security alerts
  • Mitigation and remediation guidance
  • Reporting
  • SMS and email alerts for advanced threats
  • Asset management

Let us help you be your information security officer:

  • Advanced threat and malware detection
  • Real time security vulnerability warnings via SMS & email
  • Threat analysis
  • Guidance for response
  • Hygiene score of your customers’ network

Most of us work in an industry that can be boiled down to the nuts and bolts of a definition. It’s in the execution of that service that the house of cards can come tumbling down. Understanding the value of outsourcing to the Netfor Service Desk means you believe you need to hire the best company, with the best team, to deliver the best practices, for the best technical and customer experience. Yes, we use the best word a lot in our world because it’s a driving force for how and what we do. At your core, you understand our mission to deliver the ART and Science of the customer experience and, together, we create a win-win-win for your employees and end users.

Our security services team embraces Netfor values every day:

  • We value the conversation
  • We bring our passion to work
  • We value knowledge and consistency
  • We embrace challenges
  • We value being exceptional

Service Features and Benefits of working with Netfor on the NetWatcher platform:

Always on: Our team is ready to detect and respond to incidents as they arise.

Easy to implement: The solution consists of an easy-to-install sensor located on your customers’ premise. All they will need to do is plug in our patent-pending Active Traffic Redirection Plug sensor and they will be up and running.

Essential for compliance efforts: PCI DSS, SOX, ISO, NCUA Code of Federal Regulations part 748, FDIC IT Risk Management Program (RMP), GLBA, HIPAA and other compliance programs require continuous monitoring. We can help our partners and clients protect their data and gain compliance.

Customer threat visibility: Our web-based single pane of glass gives you an aggregated view of security status. End Customer Portal: Customers can monitor their networks and received email or text alerts if there is a security issues. Our customer portal can be setup for technical users, as well as advanced users

Built into our best practices is a service improvement model that allows us and the teams we serve to continually get better. Using data and ITIL® methods to reduce your support costs, accelerate response times, improve service satisfaction, improve existing processes, and exceeding first call resolutions, means your entire company is getting better while offering an exceptional client experience. Partnering with Netfor means someone always has your back and is continually doing your homework to advise on proven ways to increase your productivity and service levels. With our shared services model, it will always cost less and be more effective to let us run your service desk. Yes, always.

Collaborating with Netfor means constant improvement. 

We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.
Jeff Bezos

It's time to improve your customer's experience.

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