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At Netfor we saw a gap in the market.

The cloud industry is rapidly expanding, but the support options are not. Based on feedback from our clients and partners, we went to the drawing board to build the best cloud services desk in the world. If that sounds ambitious, we invite you to try us out.
The cloud desk team is comprised of individuals who love learning about, keeping up with and digging into all things cloud. After they munch on their morning donuts (seriously, I guess it’s their “thing”) they dive into tickets and nuances of their client’s requests and knock out all kinds of interesting resolutions. Storage, billing questions and “how to” questions are among some of the top requests to date.

One of the best things about our cloud desk is our knowledge base. Our team has already crafted hundreds of knowledge articles so when you do need us, we’re confident in our resolution for your need. At Netfor, reliance on knowledge isn’t a new thing, but having the opportunity to build out fresh knowledge that expands and grows is a little more rare. The constant evolution of the various cloud environments and offerings in the market make this one desk that will always be growing and changing.

The same team who spent their time building and developing this service is the same group supporting your company (ask them about the donuts). Your staff will soon be calling familiar voices, and getting support on issues in the way best suited for them. We give you the option of contacting us via email, web, chat, or phone, and have some of the most competitive SLA’s in the industry.

One of our favorite things about working in the cloud is that every case can be unique, every environment is likely not quite the same, and we make sure we have the know-how to react and solve these issues. We consider a support case to be truly that – us supporting you in resolving issues that come up, and making sure you’re where you need to be.

Whether that means helping you determine the size and need for a virtual machine, or figuring out why you can’t access your storage, our cloud agents are here with the answers. We’re also an extension of your own internal team, with the option of white labeling our service.

1. We break down your billing – Nothing is worse than getting a bill with a surprise charge, let alone not knowing where the charge came from. We can help you clean up your environment and find the source.

2. We’re there when you need us – Our team is ready to help 24/7, 365 days a year. So, if it’s a late night at the office and you run into some trouble, we’re available to assist and help.

3. We know your environment – When you reach out to our team you’re calling a group that specializes in your platform, and cuts down on time spent trying to determine the root cause of your issue.

4. We can reduce the alert noise – If you’re getting tons of alerts, chances are there’s a misconfiguration or something is breaking. We can help you properly configure and establish those alerts, and help you monitor them, too.

5. You can contact us however you want – Our team can take chat, email, web, and phone submissions for your support case. This allows you to get the support you need without interrupting your workflow.

6. We know about the new services – Interested in that new service AWS released? We can tell you all about it, from figuring out how much it costs to figuring out if it works in your environment.

7. We work together – Why have your internal staff spend hours of their time researching something we already have knowledge built on? Let us help you cut back on that time, and streamline your internal processes. View us as an extension to your team.

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