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Netfor Testimonial: Jeff Ton says, “They know their stuff.”

Jeff Ton

Jeff Ton

“The Netfor seed was planted in my mind by a mutual friend at least a year or more before we actually started a relationship with them. But once we knew we needed an IT service desk, Netfor was the first call we made.”


Jeff Ton is the Executive Vice President of Product and Service Development for Bluelock, which provides Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) for organizations to protect their data.

But from 2010-2015, he was the Senior Vice President of Corporate Connectivity and Chief Information Officer at Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana. And that’s how he met Netfor.

“Goodwill was looking for a better way to operate our IT service desk. The company was growing, and there were more and more after-hours needs. We have retail stores that are open until 9 p.m., plus on weekends, and then we have schools that offer evening classes. We needed more IT support available around the clock.”

Goodwill needed a 24/7/365 IT service desk. And Netfor came highly recommended by Jon Kizer, owner of Direct Path Alliance.

“What grew out of a conversation with Jon was our first introduction to Netfor, and the Netfor team came in with a very solid service desk solution they helped us to implement and, over time, documented our environment. They took the time to learn about Goodwill, immersing themselves in who we are and what we do to the point where the Netfor team could solve almost all IT service issues we received on the first call, without any additional support from the Goodwill staff.”

That freed up the Goodwill team to handle the more difficult face-to-face challenges of running its IT department.

“We knew Netfor was there behind us, taking care of as many items as they could as efficiently as possible,” Ton said.

When Ton started at Goodwill, the company’s monthly reports showed they were handling about 300 service tickets a month. When they went live with Netfor’s support, that number jumped to 1,500 tickets a month.

“It wasn’t that more things were broken; it was that with Netfor’s software and tracking system, our tickets were finally being logged,” Ton said. “Once we had the system in place to track the tickets, then we could start repairing things, driving down the number of requests and issues, and finally solving some real long-term challenges the company had been facing.”

The relationship between Goodwill and Netfor grew, as Netfor became an extension of the Goodwill team.

“It felt like our team almost doubled in size overnight, with Netfor standing beside us every step of the way,” Ton said. “We continued to leverage that relationship as Goodwill grew, including turning to Netfor when we needed a call center to support our Goodwill Rewards™ program.”

Goodwill Rewards is the Goodwill loyalty program for shoppers and donors to be rewarded with discounts, gifts, holiday rewards and special promotions.

Netfor grew from being a strictly IT service desk for Goodwill to a customer service help desk, taking calls from thousands of consumers asking questions about the Goodwill Rewards program — and relieving the Goodwill marketing team who had previously bore the brunt of the calls.

“Then we began to use the Netfor team for all the calls and questions about Goodwill donations and home pickups,” Ton said. “Netfor uses the scheduling software purchased by Goodwill, Vonigo, to schedule all the pickups. That’s another way they tailored their services for Goodwill and made that whole process run smoother.”

Netfor has continued to provide tremendous value to the Goodwill organization — from IT to customer service and even to human resources questions.

“They’ve just been so great to work with,” Ton said. “They’re very professional, and they know their stuff. But they’re also very flexible and accommodating, customizing their processes to fit the client’s needs.”

When Ton left Goodwill and started his position at Bluelock, he once again turned to Netfor as a resource.

“We have used Netfor for our IT service desk at Bluelock,” Ton said. “They continued to show the breadth and depth of their knowledge, along with discipline and flexibility, and we are so grateful for that.”

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