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Netfor Testimonial: Dennis Cuffel says, “We trust them.”

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Dennis Cuffel

“I consider it a strategic advantage for Goodwill to have an outsourcing partner like Netfor that is both qualified and competent to offer us professional help desk support.”

Dennis Cuffel is the Senior Director of Information Technology of Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana, a nonprofit organization serving 39 counties in central and southern Indiana, operating more than 70 retail locations as well as 13 charter schools for adult and youth learners, a maternal-child health program and a Children’s Learning Center.

“Goodwill started working with Netfor even before I arrived in 2013. The engagement was predominantly for help desk services; as Goodwill expanded with new stores, new schools and new programs, we expanded our partnership with Netfor to include the use of their equipment shipping service (or Netfor’s depot service) as well as their field services,” Cuffel said.

Netfor team members assist with IT-related questions from the various Goodwill locations — from email and printing problems to VPN connections and hardware trouble-shooting. Netfor also handles non-IT requests, such as scheduling Goodwill home pickups for donations and assisting customers who have questions about the Goodwill’s Rewards Program for our shoppers.

“The help desk or call center is not our core competency, and it’s not something we felt we could develop ourselves,” Cuffel said. “We really appreciate the knowledge base architecture Netfor has and the efficiency of their support process. Netfor does an excellent job at keeping the knowledge base and the processes current with an active, and inclusive, refresh process. Netfor performs very well at resolving our caller’s issues, which are received 24 hours a day.”

Netfor takes approximately 1,000 calls a month for Goodwill, which helps the organization focus on mission expansion for more than 70 retail sites,13 schools, corporate headquarters and a number of other locations.

“Our organization continues to grow. We have more than 3,700 employees and more than 70 retail sites with a register count over 300. Over time, equipment gets old and needs to be replaced. Some of our locations are more than two hours from our headquarters. Goodwill just doesn’t have the capacity of personnel for replacing equipment in all of our sites from Lafayette to Richmond to Corydon. Netfor has been vital in terms of how we support our retail operations — especially during those times of multiple, and near simultaneous, failures across a large geography.”

For example, if there’s an issue with a cash register or computer at one of the Goodwill locations, Netfor will ship a replacement device straight to that site. Then, a Netfor team member will meet a Goodwill representative at that store, and the Netfor employee will install and set up the equipment in person.

As Goodwill relocates or opens a new store, Netfor is on the front lines of support — doing the equipment and technology setup for the store, setting up the cash registers, the customer and employee kiosks as well as the back-office machines.

“Before Netfor, we were using our own Goodwill employees to help set up new stores and take care of technical issues,” Cuffel said. “We would have the same people with day jobs running around on nights and weekends to different areas of the state to set up new stores. This was creating serious burnout. Netfor has been essential for Goodwill’s day-to-day activity as well as site expansion for new stores. This has allowed our technical team to focus on project work, life cycle management for hardware and overall architecture.”

Goodwill receives a variety of IT requests and inquiries every day — and they all go to Netfor.

“We include Netfor in our strategic planning,” Cuffel said. “Now they’re working to replace our networking infrastructure. Netfor is going site by site, across most of the state, after hours and on weekends to refresh our network, and we trust them because of their proven skill sets and focus on teamwork. They’ve worked hard throughout our partnership to learn about our mission and technology. They understand our mission, and that helps to create common ground as we move forward into our future together. Plus, our teams enjoy working together!”

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