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Healing Waters

Netfor Partners with Healing Waters International to Help End Global Water Crisis

Netfor is partnering with Healing Waters International in the nonprofit’s mission to help end the global water crisis.

Netfor is donating around-the-clock IT help desk services to Healing Waters, an organization that depends on technology to deliver impact at its headquarters in Colorado as well as four staffed countries — Haiti, Guatemala, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Man working with water“We rely on technology to design, engineer and implement water systems as well as deliver health and hygiene curriculum and training in the communities we serve,” said Healing Waters VP of Operations John Correa. “We were looking to outsource our IT services and were introduced to Netfor by Bart Dorst of Global Communications Group.”

“When we heard about what Healing Waters does, we knew it was a mission we wanted to support,” said Netfor VP of Client Success Beth Medley. “At Netfor, we want to leverage our superior ability in technical and customer service support to help not-for-profit organizations fulfill their missions of giving to the underprivileged and needy throughout the world. This was the perfect fit.”

Healing WatersBeginning August 1, Netfor’s pro bono services are allowing Healing Waters to sponsor the cost of a water project in a community where they work.

“Water is essential to life, and all people should have access to safe, clean and affordable water, no matter who or where they are,” Medley said. “We look forward to our work with Healing Waters and learning more about them in order to customize our services for their specific needs.”

“We are excited to be supported by a company like Netfor that shares our passion to provide safe water access to those who don’t have it,” Correa said. “Together with partners like Netfor, we are one step closer to ending the global water crisis.”

Currently, nearly 300 communities in 14 different countries are home to a Healing Waters project, producing safe water and bringing health, while also creating jobs and economic benefits for each community.

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