Mobile Device

Annoyed by your apps while on a call or off site?

When your employees are using tablets and smartphones full of apps to keep in touch and stay on task, an
outsourced help desk offers a helping hand.

As essential as mobile technology is to your day-to-day business, it is not without its flaws.

What happens when your application fails to load or crashes while in use?

My tablet interface continues to get stuck, and the keyboard lags when I’m typing. What gives?

We got you.

Netfor knows the frustration of being out in the field and not being able to get the job done because of technical
troubles. We know you need to be able to connect, log in and take care of business while being mobile.

And we know how to help. We can walk an employee through how to load an application and how to use it. We
can make sure your client-specific software is running smoothly, no matter what country or time zone your
customer is calling from.

Worldwide, more people own a cell phone than a toothbrush, and roughly half of U.S. adults own tablet
computers. Our world is becoming more and more wireless, as apps offer instant access with a tap.

Netfor makes sure when you tap the app, your experience is a seamless one.

Every time I try to open up the Workday app on my phone, it keeps crashing. What should I do?

Netfor provides

  • A dedicated help desk system customized for your company or organization
  • 24/7/365 support model — providing help desk support day, night and on weekends
  • Call management reliability and consistency with a knowledge base (KB) specific to you and your team
  • Best practices for different call types documented within a shareable database
  • Positive customer service experiences for the end user each and every time

What does it mean when my iPad screen shows “the activation server is temporarily unavailable?” Can you help?

Netfor offers a technical help desk built on best practices with a dedicated call management system offering
24/7/365 support.

Calls are answered in less than 20 seconds, and almost all customer issues are resolved on the first

We deliver world-class help desk service with top-notch technology.

We’re there when you need us. Call us today.

It's time to improve your customer's experience.

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