Front Office Representative (FOR): Leveraging Netfor’s Internal Resources

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Distribution center secretary

Imagine you’re a business that needs someone to sit at the front desk to welcome guests and to keep the area tidy and stocked. There are more tasks to be done than one person can handle, but hiring two people is financially inefficient and wasteful. Now what? Netfor Office Manager and HR Assistant Nichole Flett had that same question — and her out-of-the-box solution provided the answer CEO Jeff Medley was looking for. FOR. Front Office Representative at Netfor. It was the position created when Netfor moved into its current office space in the Fishers Technology Park, and it was named specifically to play off the FOR in NetFOR.

Putting the FOR in NetFOR

“Initially, I was the one at the front desk but quickly realized there were a lot of things I couldn’t get done, like stocking the coffee, cleaning the breakroom and putting away orders,” Flett said. “I had the conversation with Jeff that in order to do both jobs the way they needed to be done, it was going to take two people.”

She threw out the idea of having some of Netfor’s customer service agents, who the team already knows are great with people, rotate out at the front desk to welcome guests in between taking customer calls. The FOR is also in charge of ordering any items needed for the front area.

“We saved a lot of money in the process,” she said. “Whenever the FOR is working up at the front desk, he or she is given a significant monetary increase per hour. By doing this, we save about nine dollars an hour on labor. Plus, it ensures we always have someone available at the front desk, and it freed me up to be able to do the office tasks that needed done.”

Who would be the Netfor FORs? Flett knew just who she wanted.

“Coming from a background in hotel management, I knew exactly the type of person I wanted to be at the front desk,” she said. “It needed to be someone who is friendly, polite and would make our guests feel welcome. We have a lot of great people, but we decided on Anthony, Christina, and Stephanie. They’re all amazing.”

Front Office Representative man
Anthony Ferguson

Anthony Ferguson

Started at Netfor in October 2018

1. What are your top three skills? I’m a mean chess player, an above-average bowler, and I love to think I’m a stats fanatic about any sport.

2. What is a secret talent you possess? I can produce a water sound when I flick my finger against my cheek. (True story, just ask.)

3. What extracurricular activities do you participate in? I bowl three nights a week when league play is in. Also, I’m becoming a professional at chasing my fiancé’s kids around when I get home. I’ll be able to run a mile in under four minutes here soon.

4. What has shaped you most as a person and as a professional? My parents teaching me at a young age the value of working and being humble. I always believe if you try hard enough, you will find the good in anyone you encounter.

5. What do you love most about Netfor? The vibe. I can literally say I have never been so comfortable about the workplace. You walk in, and everyone speaks. You don’t feel left out.

“I knew Anthony had worked in hotels for many years, and he had a great reputation with his managers and coworkers,” Flett said. “His soft tone and eager-to-please attitude made him the perfect fit for this position.”

Front Office Representative woman
Christina Wilkins

Christina Wilkins

Started at Netfor in January 2017

1. How would your coworkers at Netfor describe you in a 2- to 5-word phrase? Positive attitude and very easygoing

2. What are your top three skills? Being polite and treating others how I want to be treated; cooking and decorating

3. What is a secret talent you possess? Doing hair

4. What extracurricular activities do you participate in? Shooting pool — I’d like to be in a pool league

5. What do you love most about Netfor? The work environment and the people I work with

“I once had a conversation with Christina about how she had previously worked in an office environment, so I knew she would be a great candidate,” Flett said. “Her smile has a way of making people immediately feel welcome, and her professionalism and willingness to help out made her fit right in where I needed her.”

Stephanie Gamboa Front Office Representative
Stephanie Gamboa

Stephanie Gamboa

Started at Netfor in December 2018

1. Around Netfor, you’re known as the person who (fill in the blank): Smiles a lot

2. What makes you laugh really hard? My kids

3. What are your top three skills? Languages, patience when dealing with people (especially little ones and teenagers) and baking

4. What extracurricular activities do you participate in? I’m a Sunday school teacher for four- and five-year-old kids, and I LOVE going on mission trips!

5. What do you love most about Netfor? I love that this company embraces our skills, even if they don’t seem “marketable.”

“Stephanie is always smiling and a complete people pleaser,” Flett said. “She is the type of person to go out of her way to make sure everything is taken care of and running smoothly, and she really tries to mentor wherever she can. She also speaks fluent Spanish and has lived in other countries while learning to perfect her dialect, which I find very cool and interesting.”


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