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Customer Service Problems? Here’s the Solution.

Has your company ever been overwhelmed with calls like this?

  • Government agency? … How can I reset the password for my online account?
  • Transportation services? … What’s the shortest route to my location? How long will it take?
  • Retail store? … What is your return process? What are your hours?
  • Any organization: Can I talk to your manager? I want to know how to leave a complaint.

If so, you need a customer service desk. Really. You do.

Why do you need a customer service desk?

Because Netfor provides worry-free customer service through a streamlined call center. We combine the latest technology with the art of great customer service to keep our clients productive … and happy.

We are that single point of contact for all your client and customer questions. We answer calls quickly — in less than 20 seconds — and resolve issues efficiently — with 95% of issues resolved on the first call.

We can customize any type of support service you need — and we give you that service around the clock. Yep. 24/7/365. That’s us. Creating a world-class customer experience for business consumers and technology users alike.

What problems can we solve?

Lots. Here are eight reasons you’ll love us — we promise.

  1. Your precious internal staff is bogged down with repeated issues. This is where we thrive. If you’re resolving the same issue over and over, Netfor can step in and handle these issues for you. Why keep your internal resources tied down when we have tried and true methods to efficiently handle these challenges for you? Exactly.
  2. You’re looking to grow, fast. Nothing is more exciting than new growth! Congratulations! That is, until you need to staff for it. One of the easiest ways to meet this growth goal is by outsourcing some of your support. We’re here for you.
  3. You can’t find a good way to manage call spikes. Sometimes you can handle your service calls, but sometimes you can’t. We understand how quickly calls can multiply, and Netfor works with you to proactively staff for these scenarios.
  4. Seasonal volume has you overwhelmed. Netfor is an elastic environment, and we can accommodate any of your business needs. When holidays or special events roll around, we have the staff and capability to meet those demands.
  5. We get your world. We work with teams in more than 6,000 locations across the U.S., Europe, Mexico and Canada, ensuring you have Netfor service professionals whenever and wherever you need us.
  6. You can’t fill that open role for support. That unfilled position (or positions) at your company for first-line support is definitely a recurring theme to why companies love Netfor. Just transfer that support over to Netfor. Easy peasy.
  7. You need overflow support. Let’s say you want to hire an internal support person … no problem. We can still help you out with overflow. We can accommodate what you need, when you need it … day or night and even weekends.
  8. You want a partner. That’s what we want, too. Our clients are our partners, and we bring our experience to the table when it comes to supporting your staff. We like to really dig in and get to know you and your business so we can help in the best, most efficient ways. That’s why several of our clients have been with us more than a decade!

OK. So how do we do all this?

Delivering your company world-class customer service is our top priority. This is how we do it.

  • Customer service is everyone’s job. This isn’t exclusive to any one service — it’s all of Netfor. Giving you amazing customer service isn’t just one person’s job; it’s weaved into everything we do. It’s our mindset and our culture. It’s who we are.
  • We support our clients and each other. We are always mindful of how we sound on service calls as well as in our conversations and interactions with other team members — Netlanders, as we like to call ourselves. When we support each other, we all become our best selves.
  • Our system is consistent. Netfor has a knowledge base (KB) set up and fully managed for each client in order to deliver the exact same customer service experience to the end user each and every time. No matter which Netlander takes the call. No matter what time of day or what circumstance. Fast, enjoyable and consistent conversations are the key.
  • We get to know you and your needs. End users are more than just questions to answer — they are people with needs, frustrations and concerns. We take serving your customers seriously. But we’re friendly, too!

Sound good?

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