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Netfor Client Success: Making The Difference

Did you know the number one way businesses can improve their product experience is through technical help or assistance? At least, that’s what the CMO Council found during their 2017 study. Often, we take the technical and customer support we receive throughout our day to day lives for granted. However, when client success is missing, you notice. For example, another great study by STELLAService found that the average email response was 17 hours. 

Smiling client success team
From left to right: Paul Wilson (Client Experience Manager), Eli Arthur (TAM), Beth Medley (VP), Kami White (TAM), Zach Grosser (TAM)

Can you imagine? 17 hours from when your issue first presents itself, you finally get a response. It’s also not guaranteed that first contact is going to resolve the issue either. However, Netfor’s client success department responds to emails within the hour. We believe this propels our 95% client retention rate.

 “Since 2011, we’ve lost one client due to an acquisition, one client filed bankruptcy, and two clients left for other reasons. So, two clients where I felt we could have done something better, something different, but we also learned from these losses.“
–       Beth Medley, VP of Client Success

Technical Account Managers

This is all driven by our Technical Account Managers (TAM) , led by Beth Medley – VP of Client Success, who focus on delivering solutions to clients when they need them. However, this doesn’t mean the department doesn’t face its share of challenges. When speaking with the group, they all shared how important communication and managing resources versus time can be

Skinny man in client success sitting

“Leveraging available resources without impacting current service levels is definitely a challenge.  It requires precision and careful thought.”
–      Zach Grosser, Technical Account Manager

While time management can be challenging, each TAM is willing to go the extra mile for their clients. Each technical account manager was able to share a scenario in which they had gone the extra mile for a client, and continue to do so on a daily basis.

Woman in client success sitting

“I’ve stayed up overnight to ensure an install went successfully for a client. At the end of the day, each TAM cares about the success of their clients, and sees it as a partnership.”
–      Kami White, Technical Account Manager

This starts during the on-boarding process, which Netfor believes defines the overall tone for success. When working with Netfor, you’re assigned a technicial account manager (TAM). Your TAM will continue to work with your account throughout your partnership with Netfor. The on-boarding process typically lasting 2-3 months, your TAM ensures every aspect of your business is documented and delivered on.

client services sitting

“The onboarding process provides a better understanding of what a Client needs. This leads to the TAM becoming the primary and constant point of contact, along with building rapport.”
–      Eli Arthur, Technical Account Manager

As Eli mentioned, the Onboarding is where client success shines and first establishes contact with the client. Below, we have pictured the typical timeline Netfor utilizes for new clients. 

Achieving Success Together

Utilizing Agile methodology, the team first established deadlines for key items Netfor needs for success. This begins with defining knowledge. All processes at Netfor are fueled by knowledge, and the TAM works with the client to guide them through establishing and building the base of how we will resolve their issues. This in turn drives the escalation process, defining the client is notified in the event of an outage or similar issue. Once these core service elements are catalogued, Netfor moves into the UAT (unit approved testing) process. 

Here, the client is able to call in and get a first hand user experience. At this point, they can tweak the greeting our team uses, the IVR (Interactive Voice Recording) prompts listed, and the information requested from the caller. If the UAT is successful, the Netfor team moves to launch the service. However, we aren’t done yet! Even after clients are onboarded, their TAM still holds weekly or monthly meetings with the client based on their preference. Over time, these can scale down to quarterly, where Netfor also presents a business review. 

This on-boarding, combined with adept communication, and reports showcasing your service levels, highlight the numerous ways Netfor can empower your business through Client Success. What are some Client Success stories your business has? We love to learn and share! 

“It all comes down to developing and sustaining a healthy client-vendor relationship; moreover, it’s my mission to see all of our clients serviced above their metrics and to share in their strategic vision and success.”
– Paul Wilson, Client Engagement Specialist

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