Test Your Company’s Help Desk Best Practices

Have you ever wondered about your company’s best practices around your help desk? Take three minutes to go through this quiz and see how you stack up. If you want to talk about any of the questions you run through or need consulting help for creating your own service desk, we can support you through that effort as well. Buy or build, we’re here to help you create the best experience possible for your company’s needs.

Help Desk Challenge

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Is your service desk or help desk first-call resolution rate as strong as it can be?

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Is your staff distracted by help desk tasks when they should be focusing on core responsibilities to help grow your business?

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Is your service smart and scalable to handle any opportunities or challenges that come your way?

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Are your customers satisfied with the service and support they receive?

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Are you consistently assessing your overall service and measuring metrics such as call duration experience rate, cost per call and calls per service staff member so that you can constantly improve?

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Are you confident that your help desk is as cost effective as it can be?

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Are you ready to do something about your organization’s customer experience?

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