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  • Netfor Narratives
    Jan 31

    Netfor Narratives – January

    Welcome to our first Round Up on our blog. We’ll be sharing tips and news from across our desk at Netfor to you, our blog readers. Our team will help share technology trends, ideas that are on our mind, ways to improve your client experience and maybe even a meme or two down the road…. Read More »

  • Netfor Anniversary
    Jan 23

    Netfor Turns 23!

    The start of the new year has arrived at Netfor, just like the flu (ick), new phone features (yes! More info coming soon.), and new progress on our building. Most exciting to share, though, is our 23rd anniversary. January marks three major landmarks for Netfor! Congratulations to our Founder & CEO, Jeff Medley, celebrating 23… Read More »

  • Nov 14

    Seven Reasons Why Managed Service Providers Love Netfor

    Whether you’re an old pro on the MSP Mentor list or making your way onto that list, Netfor is here to help support your vision and support goals. In our experience, you’re dealing with two or more of these items below. We know because we hear it from our MSP clients each time we bring… Read More »

  • Nov 1

    11 Tips for a Better IVR

    Your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system can often be your customer’s first direct interaction with your company or service, and we all know that first impression set the basis of any relationship. When your customers call you, you want them to not only be satisfied with the result of their call, but also happy during… Read More »

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