Hidden Benefits of Managed Services

Since the early 2000s, there seems to be a burden of new technology emerging each month that makes the previous month’s tech look obsolete, causing problems for small businesses nationwide. With the ever-changing ecosystem, there has to be a way to keep track of all these changes without bringing your company’s productivity down. IoT (Internet of Things) companies face internal challenges due to new customer requests, product issues, and configuration. At times it takes a toll on the employees who now have to focus on lower-level issues instead of their “real” job. While outsourcing to any managed service provider may sound like a massive transition for some companies, it boils down to a few key factors.

One question companies have to ask themselves is, “Why are we continuing to answer unproductive calls when we could be focusing on the bigger picture?” To most people, that question is a no-brainer, but with “outsourcing” a scary word that carries many uncertainties. Actually, Netfor delivers a long list of unexpected benefits.

Historically Proven Benefits

“Proven benefits of outsourcing managed services have saved many companies the headache of having to deal with Tier 1 issues, phone calls, and troubleshooting. We come in as a trusted partner whose main purpose is to get you back to what really matters,” explains Netfor CEO Jeff Medley. This partnership will save your employees from wasting valuable time and wages. When it comes to Netfor’s client portfolio, we would say we have a pretty diverse one ranging from high profile logistic companies, medical device manufacturers, to world-class security systems. 

Trained and Seasoned Employees

For over 25 years, Netfor has grown to have over 150 employees, who are trained on industry-specific needs affecting client companies. When a new client comes on board with Netfor, we learn everything needed to become subject matter experts. We use a process that has proven to be extremely successful when it comes to customer satisfaction, issue resolution, and most important, time.

Easy Transition from Internal to Outsourced

Whether you are thinking about outsourcing your internal IT help desk or have an unsatisfactory relationship with another outsourcing company, Netfor makes the transition period smooth and efficient on both sides by using proven techniques to better onboard your company. From the first handshake to officially going live, we are always in contact with your team as we learn everything there is to know about your company. As a managed service provider, we know that nothing is certain; that’s why we keep up with our client needs and requirements.

Ongoing Relationship with Netfor

By this point, you have discovered that outsourcing to IT service management will get your employees back on track to being efficient in their positions, help with cost management, reporting, and provide top-of-the-line customer service to each call we receive. Netfor’s ability to take away Tier 1 problems from just about any company or any industry is quite remarkable. Positive customer service is our specialty when it comes to client’s customers calling in. Netfor takes around 150,000+ calls per month from our wide array of clients. 97% of those calls are answered within 20 seconds with a more than 90% client customer satisfaction rate. As a company, we are proud of those numbers and continue to improve them each day.   

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