We’re in the people business. And the tech business. Ok, so we’re both. We love using technology to improve customer service and keep our clients productive.

The ART and Science of the Customer Experience is a proven combination of knowledge and understanding to produce happy clients. We’ve created an outsourced solution to leverage our know-how toward creating seamless client support while removing the burden of tier one care.

Our 24 x 7 x 365 offering incorporates collaborative results for your technology needs. With Netfor’s ART and Science methodology, there’s no waiting for a call to be answered and no shortage of brainpower when a challenge hits your network. Our agents work together to address problems quickly – for you and your clients.

The bottom line:  We respond when you need it the most.

Help Desk Challenge

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Is your call center or help desk first-call resolution rate as strong as it can be?

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Is your staff distracted by call center or help desk tasks when they should be focusing on core responsibilities to help grow your business?

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Is your service smart and scalable to handle any opportunities or challenges that come your way?

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Are your customers satisfied with the service and support they receive?

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Are you consistently assessing your overall service and measuring metrics such as call duration experience rate, cost per call and calls per service staff member so that you can constantly improve?

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Are you confident that your call center or help desk is as cost effective as it can be?

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Are you ready to do something about your organization’s customer experience?

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What’s it like to work with Netfor? This brief guide gives you a taste of how we view our work and how we support our clients. Netfor’s offering is ideal for helping your technology team create a 24/7 support model fast. We shine when the heat is on and the timeline is tight – just like you. We have been recognized as a support leader, drink the ITIL kool-aid and foster a client satisfaction rate of 98.9%. Let’s talk about where our support ends and yours begins and how, together, we can create meaningful customer experiences.

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94% Caller Satisfaction
500K Outsourcing Yields Big Results
2.5M Reducing Support Costs
98% Improving Call Satisfaction
236% Improvement in First-Call Resolution
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Over the past few decades, organizations have made unparalleled strides toward improving customer experiences through a combination of technology and people skills. Even as corporation’s increase training, introduce products, expand services and take other bold steps to care for their customers, questions arise that demand answers, and problems pop up that need solutions. Oftentimes, a help desk or call center is necessary to be sure answers and solutions are provided efficiently and in a way that best serves the interests of the organization as a whole. If you are digging into this report, you likely have an existing help desk or call center, or, you are in the process of planning a service desk platform. This report is designed to help you decide whether building or buying a service desk platform makes the most sense for your organization. Applicable to either type, you’ll learn safeguards to ensure system accountability and organization security.

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